The Calder Group

Starting as a family owner Independent Financial Advice business, The Calder Group has built on the 20 plus years experience of Managing Director, Tom Buck to become the UK’s leading Succession planning business with clients across the UK.

Unlike many solicitors we can fully understand how your financial products (pensions, investments and life cover) need to fit in with your will and when trusts should be used to protect your estate from the dangers that can erode the value for your family and loved ones.

Many financial advice firms will say that they write wills, but do they actually write them in house or do they simply outsource this to a third party? Working with some of the top legal minds in the field of succession planning, we write all our documents in house to ensure they fit our clients needs perfectly. This way we know they meet current legislation, tie in with your personal aims and need for income and/or capital, while protecting the assets for your partner, children, grandchildren and beyond…

Then there is the advice you will receive from your accountant. Howe much do they know about the legal requirements needed to help you minimise death tax on your estate, while still making sure you have all the capital you need to live the life of your dreams now and in the future? Our team help business owners, buy to let landlords and successful families to ensure the value they have created professionally and personally are sat in the right place, with the correct controls to allow you to enjoy life while paying the right level of tax during your life, at the time of your death and through the generations.

So, to ensure you have the best possible planning covering all areas of your financial life, all under one roof, The Calder Group provides it all!

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